bluetooth question...NEED HELP FAST

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I bought an inspiron. IT doesnt have bluetooth.
I want to get a keyboard mouse that is bluetooth, is their a way i can by a bluetooth card and put it in the xpress slot, or get some kind of hardware to install.
IF there is could any of you guys suggest me with some decent working and good priced products.



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There are better ways...
Which Inspiron do you have?
eBay is an even better friend:

Depends on which model you had of course. But basically look through there and there are multiple modules for Dell Inspiron's.

On a side note, ya sure you want to go with Bluetooth KB/Mouse? I've read terrible reviews on many of them. Check Neweggs customer reviews on any bluetooth setup and you'll see what I mean. Drops connections every few minutes, takes awhile to pick it back up, etc.


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thanks, i guess ill stick with wireless.
Bought this nice wireless lazer mouse, works wonderfully


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Bluetooth for your Dell Insprion Laptop

Lots of fun with bluetooth.
It was supposed to put highly paid network people out of business.
It is a shorter range ( 30 feet or so) wireless , The same frequency as g /b routers and 2.4 gig cordless phones.
You may have to buy a usb bluetooth adapter ( like transmitter i guess ).
There are a number of standards of bluetooth. The oldest one is 1.1 I think. The newer the number the less interference issues supposedly. They should be backward compatible. Check the bluetooth version of the device you wish to connect to. You would not want to shortchange yourself on quality especially if it is a headset of some type.
The install has a number of steps. To pair the devices . To connect the devices and then a pin number of the remote device ( for security) . The pin number should be in the manual or if you have no access to the manual then the online manual.
I had a Iogear headset . Even after all that - paired , connected , PIN , chrirping there was one more button to press to tell the headset to take over the audio.
The techs were more than useless at Iogear. Clueless. The line was one line in the manual on a page on connecting laptops.
The manual was about the ize of 3 inches 2 inches in size.
Have fun.


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My mistake in explanation.
The Pin passcode is for the remote device . You can find the PIN in the manual for the product . You enter the code in the Bluetooth utility that runs in your laptop computer not at the device end .
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