Bluetooth Headset Battery % on Windows 10?


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So, I have this set of LG headphones (LG HBS750) that I usually use with my phone and laptop. Unlike my phone, my laptop has nothing that displays the battery % for my headphones. The only way I can manually check how the battery is doing is by holding down the Volume Down button on my headphones, until it says "Battery Medium (It varies between Very low, Low, Medium, and High)". The only problem is that when I do that, the audio cuts out while it tells me how the battery's doing, charge-wise.

On both iOS (Tried with both 9.3.5, and 10.2) and Android (Tried with version 6.0.1) , it'd show a battery icon similar to how it shows how the phone itself is charged (iOS actually shows the battery %, in the "Today" page).

My question is, is there any way to display the battery % for my headphones on Windows 10?


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Not that I know of off hand. Could look up to see if there's any software that provides that; either online or through the Windows Store. Or make one yourself :p.


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Hello...Bluetooth battery support is quite clumsy at the moment. There are different norms for showing battery on-scree.
If you don't see it, it can be two things :
- your headset isn't compatible.
Try with a mobile device. Can you see the battery level with your smartphone ?
If you can, there's a chance that your laptop's Bluetooth chipset simply isn't compatible with battery indicator.