Bluetooth device working on Windows 10 but not 7


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I'm stumped. I recently got new hearing aids with an accessory that allows me to turn them into a stereo Bluetooth headset. I can connect it to my Windows 10 laptop and it works without a hitch. On my Windows 7 gaming PC, I can get it to pair but it will not connect successfully. I have contacted technical support and they said this is a known issue and they do not know of a workaround. Has anyone experience this type of problem before and found a solution?

This is the error message I get on Windows 7.


Excerpts from my email with technical support.

The hearing aids are not able to pair directly with general Bluetooth devices. You will need to use the Unite Phone Clip+ as an intermediary device. This will allow connectivity for audio and media streaming from most Bluetooth enabled devices. If you are interested in the Unite Phone Clip+, I would encourage you to speak with your hearing care professional.

I will mention, that we have seen some issues with the Unite Phone Clip+ and Windows 7 specifically. All other version seem to pair and stream fine, but Windows 7 has sometimes connected but not allowed streaming.

Unfortunately, I have not found anything that may help with this. As I do not have a machine running 7, it is harder for me to find a solution. I am limited to Google searches and conversations with other employees. I will continue to look and send anything I find over, if it looks to be helpful.

I'm using an ASUS USB-BT400 Bluetooth 4.0 adapter (and ASUS supplied drivers) with Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit.
Huzzah! Installing the Toshiba Bluetooth Stack did the trick! If it asks for pin, typing in 0000 seems to do the trick. I will relay this information to their technical support engineers.

There are multiple mirrors but I downloaded it here.

Additional information for those Googling...
ReSound LiNX2 hearing aids with the ReSound Phone Clip+ accessory.

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