Bluetooth blues!


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I have a compaq presario M2045AP laptop, which did not have bluetooth support. It's got Wireless networking inbuilt though.

I wanted to get bluetooth up and running on the system, and so bought a bluetooth -USB dongle. The dongle is fine, and gets detected by windows XP, -it installs the drivers, and the device manager shows it on the list of hardware too, but the bluetooth settings icon's still not visible on the control panel- and I cant detect my friends laptop , a Compaq presario 6612AU (With bluetooth and wireless integrated- running Windows Vista Home basic), and can't share files with each other.

Alll the online forums have talked about fiddling with the 'bluetooth settings' option in the control panel--- well I DONT have that on mine- so how do I activate bluetooth settings on my laptop, and start sharing files?-- please help me with a step by step guide, as i'm not very comfortable with fiddling around with expensive laptops.. heh heh. Also, could you tell me how to set up an ad-hoc peer to peer wireless network with my buddy's laptop?

a Few screenshots would be of great help