blue screen

i have photoshop, after effects, and premiere.

i got some star wars pre production photos

i am a master at lightsaber effects, yet i have no idea how to do blue screen. how do i do it and can you get me some like back round shots of what i should be putting there in that pic?

if you cant get me the source pic of that i will just put in a pic of space and like a little something i like to call u'll see for the big pole

Please help me!

alright for the big pole i did this, can anyone tell me what that is? (yes i know what it is but i want to see if you can get it.)

i know it isn't great but i am working on it.

ew those flanges i dont like, alright opening up photoshop.
How to get a blue screen?
Hit ur ram quite gently with a hammer and boot the computer :D:D lol

That will quite likely lead to a blue screen. But seriously, when I saw the topic I though that u were getting the blue screen of death. :p

I know this was quite a useless post since I can't help u with ur problem.
What you need to do basically is if thats an image, you have two layers like so:

Layer with Blue Screen
Layer with star background (anything you want really).

In after effects, in the Blue Screen layer, simply use the keying tool under Effects (Colour Key) to take out the blue in the image. You can choose how much it takes out, and what shades of blue it takes out etc.

If done right, it should start to show whats behind it, for instance an image or movie, that'll replace the blue with anything you want.

I'll move this to social too :)
Hope this helps.
Its good the creative side of his minds being used with something though.

Well open up After Effects. On the timeline at the bottom, drag the image with the blue screen on it as layer 1, and then drag a background or something below that one in the timeline.

Clicking on the first one, go to Effects, Chroma Key (thats probably better), and use the colour picker (like photoshop) to select the blue, and just change settings until you get the best colour palette of blue removed.

The effect should be seen straight away then if you click on Composition.
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