Blue screen. While playing games

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I recently got my computer n while im playin games ill get the Blie screen n the comp will reste itself. the specs are.

AMD AthlonT 64 3800+ Processor Retail (939) Dual Core
ASUS A8N-SLI-SE nForce4 SLI HT2000 DDR400GbLAN Socket 939Motherboard
1024M (2X512Mb,1G Kit)PC3200 DDR RAM Kingston/Kingmax
Western Digital 300G SATAII 7200 rpm HDD
XFX GeForce 7600GT XXX Edition 256meg DDR3 Dual DVIPCI-E(590Mhz)Xtreme
LG DVD16X+- Super Multi DVD Rewriter with Software(DUAL LAYER Black)
Thermaltake Soprano Black with 430W PSU
It sounds like its your video or audio card drivers. It could be anything interfacing through the DX hole. Run dxdiag in run to see if there is anything wrong.

Also, turn off automatic reboot after the blue screen so you can actually jot down what it say. That could help us...
It would proabaly say IRQL not less or equal......but thats speculation...
Yea i reinstalled all the dirvers today. It was runin fine till about 5 min ago. so how do i stop it from reseting itself. also i did hte Dxdiag n it said No Problems found.
disable the "automatic restart" option in system properties and next time when you get that blue screen , u get an address like 0x..... note down that code and paste here, then it would be easier to tell what exactly is the problem.
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