Blue Screen of Death, Won't load windows


Beta member
One day i turned on my AMD 2800+ comp and it wouldn't boot into windows.

After i turn on the power, the bios loads etc, but before it goes on to the windows loading screen, it simlpy restarts itself. This just happens over and over again. Even if i go F8, and try run 'safe mode' or 'last good configuration etc' just still just restarts itself when it attempls to load windows.

Ok, i then boot from WinXp cd, to try use recovery console, or the 'repair windows installation' option, or a possible reformat if i have to.

However, just when the 'set up windows' or ' repair using recovery console' options appear after the windows startup files have been copied, the screen immedeiately jumps to the typical Blue Error screen, this time some iRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL. This happens no matter how many times it try boot form the CD again.

I don't think it's windows registry corruption or some driver, or HD hardware problem, cuz i pulled out my HD, and plugged into my other P4 Asus MB comp, loads up perfectly.

On the otherhand, i don't think it's MB or RAM problem aswell, cuz i plugged my other P4 HD into this Amd MB, its windows also boots up aswell.

This is totally strange, what the heck can be the problem then??

Any help greatly appreciated.