Blue screen of death even in safe mode.

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My sisters tried to installing a printer on and old (8 year old?) dell XPS (or is it just XP) computer with windows XP home and now she gets blue screen error on both normal start up and safe mode.

She's coming down in a few hours hoping I can fix it. I've read this might be fixed but the windows xp install cd and a recovery option/repair install but we no longer have the cd can I download/burn something else?

What can I try to fix this?
When she called I had her do F8 on start up and she said there was no last known good configuration option.

Just safe mode, Safe mode with networking, normal windows, command promt, and maybe something else.

/edit er did she need to hold f8 again while safe mode was rebooting....?
Restore Point would be your best option.

I agree and will try that if I'm able too but as it stands I'm unable to access system restore/anything the BSoD is right at after start up.

I'll figure out more about the BSoD when she gets here.
Ok it's an UNMOUNTABLE_BOOT_VOLUME and she was installing the printer software and it jammed up so she restarted it.

Image of it. (numbers cut off are all 0's)

Last Known Good Configuration does nothing just black screen.

Tried a bunch of random stuff it works now idk why but it does.
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