Blown Video Card


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Just to keep this simple. I built a pc with an AMD 1800xp processor. It worked fine for a couple of months. I then gave it to a friend who was very pleased with it. He then came to work one day and told me that there was no video output to the monitor. As I had a video card exactly the same spare, I place this into the AGP. Now, the computer booted up and showed XP loading, there was a high pitched ping and the monitor then said 'no input' I have tried both cards on an other system and they have both failed, therefore the cards must be getting damaged somehow. When I built it I was confident that all my BIOS settings were correct, frequeny multiplier etc. However, my friend claims that he was dowloading music from a p2p source and thats when the first card blew (it was fine for 2 months previous) The second card blew as soon as XP was starting for the first time !! He also mentioned a power cut. I cant understand this and ive not got the time nowadays to sink my teeth into this one. Can some great person pleeeeeze help me. Thanks.

David Lindon

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Well, it both cards blew so that suggests the problem lies in the motherboard itself. There maybe some static left over from the powercut or there may have been a powersurge some sort of voltage regulators on the board. Try another motherboard, you mention you were using an Athlon so you will need a socket A motherboard.


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What is your power supply wattage? I've heard that that can ruin motherboards, CPUs, GPUs pretty quickly if it is too low.


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it could be your settings. make sure you have the power setting to the right level. (otherwise your fried)