BitLocker preventing me from rebooting in Safe Mode


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I can't start Windows 10 in Safe Mode on my Dell laptop. There are tons of videos and websites that explain how to start Windows 10 in Safe Mode but none of these anticipate the BitLocker Drive Encryption that I keep encountering no matter which way I try to restart Windows 10 in Safe Mode:

When this happens, it asks me to provide BitLocker recovery key before it allows me to restart in Safe Mode. I have no idea what my recovery key is. It says that I can go to the following site to get my recovery key:

...but all that did was get me to reset my security settings, which I was told will take a month to complete. Any subsequent attempt to go to that site resulted in a message saying I could not access my security settings at this time because it is not done resetting (and to try again in a month). It didn't even give me the option to get my BitLocker recovery key.

So here's my question:

1) How can I get my BitLocker recovery key?

2) If I can't get my BitLocker recover key, can I at least bypass it to start Windows 10 in Safe Mode.

3) If not, is there a way of fixing the "Input Signal Out of Range. Change Settings to 1600 x 900 - 60Hz" error I get when I plug my machine into my monitor with an HDMI to VGA adaptor? <-- That was the original problem I was trying to resolve before a website told me to reboot my machine in Safe Mode as a step towards fixing this issue.

Thanks for your help.


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Do you know how bitlocker was turned on (is this a company machine or your own?)

(if it is turned on by company... just call your helpdesk, the key is usually stored in AD.)
if you turned it on, it would have asked you to backup the key at the time.

if you lost that, turn bit locker off, let it decrypt the drive, then consider turning it back on and keeping the key safe!

if you do something change hardware, etc that causes the key hash to change, this is not recoverable without the key, - you will loose all data.
so better to fix this sooner rather than later.