Bit of a Technical Problem


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Alright. So...I've got a bit of a problem.

It's a lot like this:

The other day, I was playing URU: Ages Beyond Myst. I had finished 3 of the 4 "Bahro Ages" and shut down for the night. After waking up the next morning, I completed the final ages(s). Edar Kimo/Gera.

For those who have beaten the game, you all know what comes next. So, I returned to Gahressen to return the Bahro pillar. I did that just fine. I then proceeded to drop out of the Bahro caves--through the hole as was intended--and trouble struck.

Out of the blue, my computer reset itself. I watched the long, boring startup process, now with a new screen. I always treated those the same as an End User Agreement. I just pressed F2 to continue.

So, I reload my game. Due to the way Uru records the player's progess, I lost nothing. I had sucessfully returned a Bahro pillar. I then tried to link to Teledahn to do the same for another age. It locked up on me, and even ending the process with Task Manager did nothing for me. I was forced into a hard reset.

Again I waded through the startup, still with it's new screen. I loaded the game again and returned the Bahro pillar. The computer again reset.

Again I load it, I don't even get linked to Relto! Relto being the place where you start everytime you play the game. The computer restarted the minute this happened.

This time, I read the new screen. At first my father was suspicious of the name of the company: "American Megatrends". We checked it out, they're clean. Regardless, I read the bottom part. The only part that made sense.

There was soemthing about the hard drive, about it using the S.M.A.R.T. system, and then...

I didn't want to believe it. I couldn't believe it. Again I rand my game, it crashed on me again in another place called Kadish Tolesa.

My father is of the opinion that the problem lies, either in the CD-ROM my game runs off of, or the CD Drive itself. He says this because he still runs Medal Of Honor: Pacific Assault without any problems at all, on a DVD.

As for me, I think my hard drive is seriously screwed, and I need help.

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I've never personally used the S.M.A.R.T system and wouldn't either. It's some sort of checker for the computers harddrive which it runs all the time.

Try turning it off for one thing lol,

At bootup, go intothe BIOS, usually by pressing the delete key. (It says it anyway, think on the right)

Then go into each part (Think it might be Advanced Features) or something along them lines, and fine S.M.A.R.T and disable it... Sorry about the questionable answer, but you will find it, then simply Save And Exit. (If you don't know this, press the ESC key to go back a part)

Hope this helps


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Well I would reccomend backing up your important files to cd/dvd because it could be right. If it says so I would assume that it probably is. back everything and then turn off the SMART if you want. so if your hdd does die, you'll be safe.


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here is some advice. go to my computer and right click your hard drive. go down to the properties option and click on that. once there go to the tools tab and run error-checking and click on "scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors" once you have done that it will tell you how bad your hard drive is dying becouse it may not if you say what you say you did then you just got a bunch of corrupted data and smart reconized that and warned you that it could be a hardware issue.