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I recently updated the bios on my laptop. (Canon Innova Book 350CD) and it faild, I bumped the power cored and it came unpluged and it has no battery.

Thinking that the laptop was dead I turned it back on, it initialized the floppy drive, beeped once, atempted to boot from the floppy disk and then beeped 11 more times.

As I have found its trying to fix itself using what ever bios version thats on the disk, my problem is I get no video and it wont program. As far as I can tell it trys to fix the corupted bios but the checksum's dont match so it fails. I know I have the right bios so is there anyway I can force it to program even if everything doesnt match up?

I'm using a MS-DOS 6.22 Boot disk (no drivers loaded) with Phlash16.exe as the flash program FT6KAC12.BIN, is the bios file.

I edited Autoexec.bat to only "A:\phlash16.exe FT6KAC12.BIN" I also tryed "phlash16.exe FT6KAC12.BIN" still nothing. Config.sys is blank.

Laptop specs: 133Mhz AMD "Am5x86-P75 AMD-X5-133ADZ", 24Mb ram, 8+16, 4.3Gb HD "IBM DKLA-24320" Motherboard model number: FT-6000A Rev:1.E .M 38-600000-00

PCMCIA cards: AIRNET IEEE 802.11G 54Mbps WIRELESS AWN154, 3Com Megahertz 56K Cellular Modem "3CXM556"

Any ideas? anyone?

Please and thank you.