BIOs update question


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Ok, I'm going to sound like a complete beginner here but im just really wanting to make sure I don't screw anything up. I have a laptop ( a dell inspiron 1200 ) and another laptop ( dell inspiron 6000) the 6000 is broken and the 1200 is quite old so I took the parts from the 6000 and pt them into the 1200. So here are the exact parts exchanged ( CPU,CD drive, and maybe the HDD ( I have several so its easy to get them mixed up). Anyways when I booted up and reinstalled the OS the computer seems to not know which processor it has in it. The processor is a 1.67 Ghz and it fluctuates when I use different programs to tell me the clock speed and all that. Also its a centrino mobile why does cpuz say is a Pentium M. But my main question is I want to do a bios update and im not entirely sure how that works, are BIOS written on laptops just for those specs? or is it ok with the new proc to update the BIOS, Thanks!


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Is this a newer CPU? It it has booted up OK then it should just need a BIOS update to recognize it properly. A USB bootable flash drive is easiest.