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Hi folks, Can anyone please give me an advice on the following? I purchased an Asus A7V266C Motherboard and installed a Athlon XP1600+ on it. In the Bios, section Advanced I realize that the CPU Speed has 3 settings I can choose from: Manual, 1050MHz or 1400MHz. And underneath there is the CPU System Frequency Multiple, and underneath of that there is System/PCI Frequency (MHz).
How or what should I enter there, I don't wonna do anything stupid and damage my motherboard. Many Thanks for your help.
1400 Mhz is correct for a 1600+. Keep everything else (e.g. voltage) at default.

Reference table: (Athlon XP/MP models)

1500+ - 1.33 GHz?
1600+ - 1.4 GHz
1700+ - 1.47 GHz
1800+ - 1.53 GHz
1900+ - 1.6 GHz
2000+ - 1.67 GHz
2100+ - 1.73 GHz
2200+ - 1.8 GHz
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