BIOS blues :(


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i changed the BIOS with an update(supposedly) of my ACER travelmate 4150 laptop, now the computer doesnt show anything at all when switched on..i think the BIOS ruined it..anyway it can be reversed.?
this happened because while installing fresh win xp sp2(genuine) the computer used to switch off by itself in a few was suggested in this forum that i remove the extra add on 1 GB RAM which i did.but to no it the death of my beloved laptop???
Intel centrino 1.73 GHz,256 MB RAM,60 GB HDD :(


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No it isnt the death, before i say anything else lol, my mate had same problem, we found a company in italy which fixed the bios for 18 euros or so, within a week we had working pc again!! so dont worry ;)

Also i would email the maker of the laptop, cos sometimes u can use a floppy with a bios image on to redo the bios even if the pc isnt coming on. It can access the floppy, as the video is often the first thing to go when a bios is damaged. If yo u cant get it fixed soon, let me know and i can pass on the email of the company in Italy, u will need to remove the bios iurself, this shud be easy if it isnt soldered on...

Good luck.