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I own a Asus A7V233E motherboard and I am getting some strange beeps and activity on the board.

This is the basic sounds of the error.

__ _ _ High tone Low tone

I receive a long first beep and then two short beeps at start up just like a video error. Then after those I get a high tone error and then a low tone following. I have never heard a sequence such as this.

Then the interesting part is that after I cycle the power switch like 5 times the machine will boot up. I changed the video card and that did nothing to resolve this. Once it boots up it runs fine....but I can't turn it off as I don't know if it is ever going to come back alive.

Any idea??

Thanks a bunch.
First thing I would do is to pull all your addon cards and reseat them, reseat your ram, and reseat your processor
if that doesn't work... I would try pulling each addon card at a time while powering on in between. I would also try that with the ram too.

Hi, did you purchase any new components lately?

I had this problem a while back, and it was due to some faulty RAM settings (mixing two sticks of PC100 and PC66)

As for the power problem, I have this problem constantly due to my weak PSU. (235w)

Check the add-in cards, unplug and plug them back in, then if it doesn't work, take out everything except the RAM and the videocard. The last resort is to clear the BIOS setup itself (check the manual for jumper settings)
Well those beeps are trying to tell you what's wrong, look in your manual and see if it gives you the meaning of the beeps, ex three quick beeps means this, one long two short means this, etc. If it's not in your manual, I think you can find it on the website of the type of bios you have, like on phoenix bios website, etc.
Well, looks like this is the power supply. I have the system up and running something about the power supply is making this error state. Thanks for all the help....I wonder why these companies put these beep codes in and let us scramble around trying to figure out what they mean. I can't find this code out there anywhere...odd.
You'd be surprised how many problems/errors can arise all because of a weak/faulty/weakened power supply. :eek:
hey, this may sound stupid, but remove the board on the hard drive, and check the prongs underneath it. We had a beeping issue a while back, and it was because one of the four prongs was bent. Sorry if this doesn't help. mhstech54
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