Biological AI

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Hello all,this is my first post so please be gentle.

Are people here familiar with the work of Prof Kevin Warick?
(Uni of Reading UK)
I would be very interested to know your thoughts about Kevins experiments and what you think the future may hold.
Do you think this kind of work should be supervised or do you see it as a natural progression of humankind?

I am also very interested in biological memory,just think what it could do for your PC! I remember seeing an experiment using brain cells from a leech,these cells had been programmed and were successfully completing simple calculations.Does anyone have any more information?
Thanks for reading,Searcher.
Welcome Searcher!

I have no information on this subject, but it really sounds interesting, i'll look forward to seeing some posts and stuff on this topic....
very interesting. Could you post a link so we could read about this?
Thanks all for your replies,I've been talking to some people on another forum ( this subject.Plenty of people seem to have plenty of different views.Now forgive me,I am new to this - I don't know how to post a link,doh.
Its clear that some people think Kevin is nuts,well nuts or not he is carrying out this research and it is producing results.
Where will it all end?
"Why the future doesnt need us" by Bill Joy could be of interest to you,seems to think AI and advanced robotics are already fact. I dont have an address but put the tittle into Google and you will find it.
The experiment above(leech cells),I am unable to find any info about on the web,I watched it on a programme called Tommorows World (UK).I'm sure I'm sure I'll find something around,when I do I will let you know.
Hey Dante,hows it going,Im from the west mids - how about you?
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