Bill Me Later? How does it work?


Seeing as how nor actually answers my question, I thought I'd ask you guys, peopel whom are 18 and can use it, or peopel who have used it via a parent/guardian.

My question is this: Do I have to have the funds in my account, or, do I have to have the funds in my account by the 90 payment period?

To put it in an explnation I want to know exactly how and when it charges me. Can I submit my order with Bill Me Later, then pay them 90 days later, or what? I'm not to sure when they subtract the funds from my account or not.


P.S. I'm not sure if this is a Social Lounge topic or a General Computer Software/Hardware stopic, so I'll post it in each, delete whichever it doesn't belong to. Thanks.

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"Bill Me Later® is a credit account that you can use to make purchases. The Bank will review and consider your credit report and other credit related information prior to approval."

It's a credit account. You make monthly payments on your purchase. They send you a monthly statement that you can pay, but you are not required to make a payment until the end of the 90 days. If you do pay the full amount off before the 90 days, you will not be charged any finance charges. Otherwise, Finance Charges will be billed from the original purchase date.