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I do not know much about computers at all but I have recently bought a Compaq C310ea Laptop with 1gb RAM and windows XP. I have heard you cna make the RAM bigger. I do not know how. Can someone please tell me how to make my RAM bigger.
Here are some of the specs on the laptop:
Processor Speed:
1.6 GHz
Processor Type:
Intel Centrino (Celeron Intel Core Solo)
Hard Drive Capacity:
80 GB
Memory (RAM):
1 GB
Graphics 128MB Intel GMA 950

Help would be appreciated


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You need to purchase some more RAM cards. You can get different sizes (and types, like DDR1 or DDR2, etc) like a 512mb card or a 1gig card. Though, I don't think your computer would need much more RAM, 1gig is a good standard at the moment. If you wanted more RAM, it's usually for video editing or extreme gaming, and I don't think the other parts of your computer would keep up with those sort of things.

Feel free to ask more questions.


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1gb should be enough for you. But if you want more then get another gig.
No point in putting more than 2 gigs on that machine. And since you are running win xp I wouldn't even spend money on that other gig. As I said, 1gb should be enough.

But if you want more then you need to figure out if it uses ddr or ddr2. Also knowing the speed of the current ram is usefull since then you can get the same speed sticks. It's not necessary for them to be the same speed but it's recommended since the bios will force them to run at the same speed anyway.


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Man iv never seen CPU-Z I just downloaded it and its a great program. I'm not the guy who posted this topic but thanks for the information.