Big trouble in little China!!!!!!!!!


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My wife was playing on my computer the other day and must have hit yes to download some garbage. Now my homepage always comes up differently than i set it over and over. Even if i reset it to Yahoo it will go back to this res://freud.dll/index.html#37049 and another problem i am having now is whenever I go to shut down my computer this dialog box comes up that says DEVLDR end now? What is DEVLDR? Has anyone ever heard of this stuff? I need to learn how to get into my registry. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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DEVLDR is the driver for Sound Blaster Live!.

You have spyware.

I suggestions. Do the instructions on the following thread:

This will get rid of the spyware on your computer.

Install and update a virus program. I use McAfee but other are just as good.

Uninstall your Sound Blaster Drivers and re-install them. You might even want to get the latest version. Uninstalling is much better then just re-installing over the bad files.

Delete all of your history, cookies and files from IExplorer. Tools > Internet Options. Include all offline content.

Be sure you power off completely each time you need to re-boot. When you just re-start the RAM is still full of programs and other things...if one of them is spyware and/or virus you will reinfect your system and sometime bypassing your virus program.

Hope this helps.