big spike in pc temps

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A little concerned over my system's temps the past day or two. Haven' made any hardware changes, so am not sure what it could be. Here are the details:

Under NO load, it's at 49 C. A month or two ago it was at 38-40 C.
I felt a good amount of heat coming from the top of the tower, so I opened it up and it seemed the power supply was very warm. Safe to touch, but quite warm. I had never even paid attention to the PSU before, so is this normal after several hours or runtime?

I have 1 front intake fan, 1 side fan and 2 rear exhaust fans. Stock intel heatsink/fan.

A couple weeks ago I added a second gig of ram (DDR 400, no overclocking) and heard this would bump the temp up SOME, but wasn't sure how much. Doesn't anyone have any suggestions? I'm a little concerned about leaving it running when it's this hot, but can't shut it off every time i run out for something. Any thoughts would be helpful.


Could be dust. if there is a lot of dust building up in the case, it traps a lot of heat. it could also be the weather getting warmer. my pc has risen a few degrees because of summer coming.

Do u have thermalpaste on the CPU? If not, get some arctic silver 5 and apply it
RAM wouldn't add any heat to the system, it doesn't get at all hot enough to contribute to it......could be dust.....perhaps the room in your house has gotten hotter?
will do. should the psu carry some heat though? makes sense, but like i said, just haven't noticed it before. thanks for the help, i'll keep things posted.
well PSU's can and do get hot, but most have an adequate fan to move the air out sufficiently.....have you made sure your PSU fan hasn't died? I remember at a LAN I looked at this dudes computer across from mine and his PSU fan had died there on the spot lol.
yeah, that was my first check and it's still spinning. quite dusty, so i'll need to take the grill off and really get in there and clean it out.
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