Big problem.. with computer


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my computer was off but the power cord was still connected to the powerpoint and it on.. I changed the voltage on the back off the.. powersupply. green light flash and now my computer doesnt turn on and the motherboard light doesnt com on either. does that mean. i just blown my motherboard? could i have blown my grahpic card, ram and other pci cards


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Erm, start with your PSU. You could have blown a fuse (if they have one in, I can't remember). If that doesn't work at all then that may be your problem. As for frying everything... did you turn the voltage up or down? If it was down, I don't see how anything could be wrong but if it was up you may have poured way too much power into it and thus could have fried one or all of your boards and cards.

But yeah, put the voltage back where it was and try a new PSU first.