Big delay in streaming/downloading. Need help!


Beta member

I have an issue where streaming videos/audio online and downloading any file usually has a long delay to start.

When I click on a download link, it'll load for about a minute and then show up with the option to save file to whichever location. The strange thing is, the download has already started and some megabytes have already been downloaded.

For streaming, it'll load for a minute or so as well and then starts to buffer. It also does the same thing as downloading. Say, I watch a 20 sec youtube video, it'll take the 1 minute to load and then when it loads, the whole video has already been downloaded. It's really annoying to always wait that minute as sometimes I want to skip bits and go to the end or something and have to wait a minute to load.

I've tried both Firefox and IE, both have same problem. My computer used to load downloads/streaming nearly instantly, so I have no idea how it started doing this. Anyone know what could be wrong? Thanks if you could help me!!