BFG Tech 256MB GeForce FX5700OC


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For Sale:
Brand new, in the box BFG Tech 256MB GeForce FX5700OC with all drivers, manuals etc. The card has not been used at all. The card comes overclocked as standard with the core clock running at 465MHz (as oppsed to 425MHz) and the RAMDACs running at 400MHz.
The card features active 4600rpm fan/heatsink cooling for the core and is on a blue PCB. BFG Tech also offer a lifetime warranty on all their products. The card has all the standard DVI, S-Video and VGA ports. Works with AGP X4 and X8.

Looking for £110 including RM Special Delivery insurec 24hr postage.

Although I only have one post and have just signed up here, I assure you that I'm totally legit. I buy and sell a lot of replica weaponary over classifieds forums and I pride myself on offering a very quick turnaround on deals.

Thanks for looking!