BF:BC2 memory problem

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I am having a little problem while playing BF:BC2. While I am playing multiplayer, the game will freeze then the screen will turn white. I can still hear the background noise. This has happened to me twice now and the first time this happened, a message came up saying something about low memory, close other programs to free up memory. The second time it happened, I did not get that message. It just stayed on the white screen. Ctrl+alt+del would only make the screen turn black. I could not get back to the desktop. I just had to restart it.

Has anybody else had this problem? I am pretty sure this is a problem with the game as I have plenty of memory and I do not have any other programs running while playing.
I play it with 4GB with no problems. Have you gone through and looked to see what it running that is using up memory?
I got it figured out. For some reason, plugging a set of headphones into the soundcard was causing it to crash today. As soon as I plugged the speakers back in, it's working fine now. This had nothing to do with memory. Any idea why the headphones would cause it to crash?

Several days ago when it crashed on me and gave me a message about low memory, that must have been a fluke. It has not done that since.

I thought both of these things were related since it done the same thing. The only thing different with the headphones is it did not give me a message about low memory. So far everything seems to be fine except for the connection issues. In the middle of a round, I lose the connection which probably alot of people are having since they tell you about it in the game menu.
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