best way to transfer all data from 1 laptop to another?

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Simple but time consuming--best way to transfer all adata, settings, files etc from old to new comp? One on win98 and one Xp pro?
if you mean, what software to use...the easiest would be the files and settings transfer wizard that comes with XP. better but more time consuming would be to back up your data and do a clean format.

if you mean, how should you physically connect the two drives then I would recommend networking them together. if you do not have a switch available cross over cable is pretty cheap.
Cross over cable, meaning from one NIC to another NIC.

Serial to Serial would be like a Laplink or DCC cable. They are technically a crossover cable but most people do not refer to them as such. When people say crossover cable, they most likely mean NIC to NIC.
Cheers Squashman. We've got some crossover cable in the cupboard it seems--would I just need to link the two and then setup a small network between them?
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