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Hello, I've always been into computers but definitely not nearly as advanced as anyone who's actually worked any kind of IT job. The company I work for just booted our IT manager and he always used me as his go to person when he wasn't around so I just got an odd promotion out of left field. It's not so bad. We actually have a hired professional IT company that we are using so they are doing all the heavy lifting and I'm just managing them.

I've been working with them for about a month now and I'm not very happy about what I'm seeing. They have access to everything while nobody at our company has that same access. They are charging us a ridiculous amount for new hardware but they set it up once it comes in so I'm kind of stuck right now. I'm trying to learn as much as I can as fast as I can and have been approved for whatever classes or certifications I want.

I just don't know where to even start. The biggest issue right now is I don't know how to install all of our company software programs onto a new laptop for new hires. I obviously know how to install software but I don't have the logins for everything. Then I got to thinking about making an image with everything on it and installing that way which led me down a rabbit hole. I started looking up how to do that and came across SCCM but I'm not gonna lie. I can't even tell if that's what I should be using. For all I know, we currently have something like that in place. Any ideas on where I should start in a situation like this? This is honestly my dream job and I think I've been given the opportunity of a lifetime with this gig.
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