best on-line massive multi-player

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I have played it for 4 years, doesnt have good GFX, but if you pay a charge of 20 dollars it gives you access to the good GFX server wich is awesome ^_~ its the best massive multiplayer cause you can make your own levels and playerworlds (playerworlds that consist of player-made levels)
DMo224 said:
Very interesting site! Are you playing one game that continues on? Or do they stop and start another?

This is new to me. :D
o god, they change it every year
the good things is people can make their own servers, quests, levels etc. Imagine all of diablo 2, and being able to make it yourself, but beaing able to make people staff, use ur own GFX, and lotsa other things.
Sounds...huge. I think it's hilarious that they charge you to buy the game, then charge you to play the games.
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