Best Monitor for PS4 Pro


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Going through the specs of different monitors can be a real headache. Lucky for you, you came across this guide. All the monitors on our list flaunt reliable quality. It all depends on what you expect from the monitor, though. If you put the right monitor in the right place, you’ll get what you want out of it.

For the best performance, the ASUS VP28UQG would be your best shot. On the other hand, Dell UP2718Q makes an outstanding, high-quality alternative. It’s the most expensive on the list, but it’s not as expensive as other IPS monitors, so it’s a great bargain.

All in all, finding the best monitor for PS4 Pro should be a piece of cake. We made sure to include a monitor for all types of gamers, so we’re sure there’s a monitor here that you like. Now you can sit back and enjoy your time with a good game!