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Here post your favorite song/speech or whatever here. Here is mine

Subhumans - Cradle to the grave

Well they took you from your mother's womb and put you in a school
Told you how to run your life by following the rules
Told you not to pick your nose or disrespect the queen
Scrub your teeth three times a day keep your mind and body clean

Save up all your pocket money nothing is for free
And you'd better trust your parents 'cos there's no one else you see
And when they send you off each day remember what you're told
'You may think you don't need teaching but you'll need it when you're old'

And if you're too intelligent they'll cut you down to size
They'll raise you 'til you're happy then they'll fill you full of lies
'Cos intelligence is threatening and genious is sin
If you could ever see through them they know they'd never win

So they channel your ability into the right direction
If you're good enough and rich enough you can be a politician
On the other hand if you're too thick they'll tell you that you're lazy
They'll put you down and wind you up until it drives you crazy

They'll say you ought to learn a trade to help you in your life
Success is written in three parts a job a house a wife
They'll say that school prepares you for the awesome world outside
Well it certainly gives you bigotry and patriotic pride

Racism sexism teacher to class
From school to work remain the same are you white and middle class?

You'll learn that badmen dress in black and goodmen dress in white
And the pamphlets in the blayground say that's right
And that girls were made for housework boys were made to fight
And the naughty pictures on page 3 make everything alright

And so from school to the outside world these morals you will take
And unless you can reject them you'll have your mind at stake

They'll give you a decision when you get to 18, too
The right to vote for someone else who says he cares for you
But the only thing he cares about is getting to the top
By conning you with empty words that promise you a lot
But the end result is slavery to a flase set of ideals
You'll be tempted to believe them 'cos they'll seem so very real
The slavery of attitudes that make you keep in line
Subconsciously devoted to the morals of our time

And when you end up on the dole which you very likely will
They'll offer you a brand new trade learning how to kill

Why don't you join the army? Be a man and not a fool
There's someone else to think for you just like there was at school

They'll promise you absolution fromt he murders you'll commit
In the name of god and country they can get away with it
They fill you full of orders and promise you rewards
Like busting up your family by sending you abroad

A holiday in Germany or Iceland or Hong Kong
Making money being useless well it seems it can't go wrong
But then it's off to Northern Ireland where you'll practice what they preached
You'll shoot to keep yourself alive and kill to keep the peace
And then it won't be much fun as you hear the wounded crying
'Cos before, they couldn't speak English, and you didn't know what they were saying
But when the children call you 'bastard!' it will make you think again
When you cannot tell the difference between animals and men

Animals don't wear uniforms but they kill as much as you
But the army kills for money and animals kill for food
It's the basest degradation in the name of what is right
Become something you never were and regret it 'til you die

'Cos your father will tell you 'sonny you must do as you are told'
And you'll say the same thing to your kids when you're 32 years old
And unless you can react against the brainwash from the start
Your government will rule your mind and your mind will rule your heart
You'll conform to every social law and be the system's slave
From birth to school to work to death from the cradle to the grave


Wizard of Wires
Hmmm Interesting...

Ask not what your country can do for you,
Ask what can you do for your country...

John Kennedy

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By the way, quotes are fine also.

@gian, I'm reading the speech right now, but I gotta run to get some food, ill give you some feedback on it later.


Keep in mind it does have an obvious anti-communist, almost red scare theme in some parts of it... but just understand that was the product of the time.


Yea.. I almost thought you didn't like NOFX.. j/k ;) I don't mind their music (as far as the beat goes) but their lyrics are just plain idiotic IMHO.


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Yes, basically people either love or hate NOFX's Sociopolitical lyrics. But youve gotta love the music. Plus there are alot of albums which barely have a political bias in them at all. They only really got political, after they launched the War on Errorism. Albums like, Ribbed, So Long and Thanks for all the Shoes, Punk in Drublic and Pump up the Valuum, are there better stuff by a long shot. That was all released during the 90s


Yea they do play the kind of music I like. Like Rammstein. I also don't like their lyrics (if you translate them). The war of errorism alienates people like me, who aren't anti-Bush (especially when many people I know are fighting against terrorists in Afghanistan/Iraq). I like their older albums.


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Their older stuff is heaps better anyway. War on Errorism, is kinda like American Idiot, by which I mean, all these people who dont like George Bush because it is the "cool" thing to do, and have no idea why they are rallying against him, are all going around saying how much they love NOFX. Those fuckers can go back to Avril Lavigne as far as im concerned