best heatsink

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zalman 7700-cu

the asus star-ice will probably cool better, but is huge and i dunno how loud it is
Personally, I'd go with the 7700 Alcu.. :D.. Granted, I might lose a couple degrees of cooling......
They didn't really compare price as well. Though in their conclusion they did say the Zalman 7700-Cu was the best combination of features. The Vanessa does seem to get slightly better cooling than the Zalman, though the Zalman is running a close second place.
I looked up the Vanessa and could only find a couple places that sold it, for like $80-$90. IMO not worth the difference of money for couple degrees cooling, plus I personally think the thing looks like crap, if that matters to you any.

I would get the zalman because it's a darn good value and a great heatsink.

Xoxide always has them cheap, an especially good value if you get the AS5 as well because they charge a lot less than newegg does for AS5.
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