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the geforce fx is still a card in development and is not a final product yet. any review of said card is going to be innaccurate. from the sound of it, I would also question your sources on this it sounds like you may be reading articles that may have been heavily influenced by the ati marketing goon squad.

now, as far as your company goes...a wise man once said, "a website does not a computer make" or something. maybe it was yoda...

and I'm happy for you, getting parts directly from the manufacturer like that. that makes you an "authorized reseller". one of thousands.


alienware is the best of the best because they use the best hardware available, then they overclock it to a setting where it is reasonably stable yet in no danger of damaging due to stress because of their intelligent, concise system designs. on top of that they customize the operating systems on their machines for maximum gaming efficiency.

and I'm not an alienware freak. I would still rather build my own. but in a world full of prefabricated shit, this sparkles like stars on the ocean.

yes, it comes with a massive pricetag. but at least you know where every penny went.

so don't knock their systems...because you really can't. no one can.
Thank you Seloce, well said. I would put up one of their Systems against Slam's anyday. I am willing to bet on the winner...
Well...I Guess I have no more say for no one here has bougten a SS PC... As for going right from the manufacture, We are doing well as we have to get 100 Motherboards a month! I hate ATi Cards so no, the rating was from Newegg which Is a great website! I think anyone who builds computers and have enough Knowledge can equal Alienware easily, a little friend at 13 years old knows much about computers, and can even teach me stuff and he is running a XP 1600 at a overclocked 1900 and had it running at 2000 but knocked it down to 1900 to be safe and has been running fine for 1 year!

And Ecniv, it's people like you that make our group of PC Experts sick! (PC Programmer, Hardware Specialist, CEO, Co-President...) How can someone with so much knowledge think Alienware is all that? You could build the same thing that they have, but because they are known you go with them!

Ex: I buy commericals for TV and Radio, put up billboards BOOM! Everyone says SS is great and those small ones suck! Well...interesting wouldn't you think? You see it on TV and stuff and go wow, those guys rock! :p Think about that!
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