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I'm looking for some direction in the purchase of a new laptop and would welcome any suggestions to a specific Brand and model. I know there is a wealth of experiences out there and I would like to draw from it.

Here are the critieria:

1) Needs to be a laptop using a Windows OS(user needs a portable workstation, but it doesnt need to be light. previous laptop was a Dell Inspirion and weighed like a brick)

2) Needs to be outstanding playing games so a good processor, ram, graphic card configuration is key. ( Processor would probably be in the P4 range with minimum 256 MB ram and i figure using the Radeon 9000 mobile card is the minimum, but if people are seeing better results with the new nVidia I'd like to hear about it)

3) ideally made by a major electronics manufacturer, for customer service/reliabilty reasons. Alienware is about as small a company that I would go for, unless the response is overwhelmingly in favor of a small-mom-and-pop operation.

4)Price should be under $2500

5) Cant be a Dell. User had a really bad experiece (an atypical one in my view) and will not even consider buying another dell.

Thats it! Any Models that people really like, I'd love to hear about it.


They are the absolute best at gaming PC's.
You MIGHT be able to get one under $2500 there, but I doubt it.
alienware make the best gaming laptops. You probably won't be able to get one for under 2500 bucks though but it is worth a try.

why are you gaming on a laptop? isn't that a little...silly?

see, when I game...I need a pretty good sized area. I need lots of mouse room so I can make quick, accurate shots against that 31337 |)3\/\/|) on the prefab midtower down the table from me, a spot for my 2 liter of pepsi and a couple bottles of bawls, room for my bigass ergonomic keyboard, and oh lets not forget my modded case with the fans, lights, overclocked hardware, and a beautiful paint job.

I don't mean to sound like a braggart...I'm saying all that as an example of what I consider to be standard in the pc gaming community. I never understood gaming on a laptop. I think it's a little rediculous to try to cram all that into an ultra-portable solution. I have a laptop for coding and other kinds of work. That's about all I use it for.

So why pay the 3k for a laptop that really isn't going to be as functionable as a mid tower gaming machine (ever tried to use a touch pad in Warcraft3?) when you could spend half that and get a lot more out of it (can we say Klipsch promedia 5.1s?)
Seloce, may be he is a pro game tester and he already has all that shit in a desktop, but he needs a awesome laptop for testing on the move? ;)

(If this is true... I'd kill for his life :D)
Ecniv said:

They are the absolute best at gaming PC's.
You MIGHT be able to get one under $2500 there, but I doubt it.

I Resent That! They may be the Best Gaming Laptops but I am the best at Gaming PC's!

I am soon building a website for my company that me and a friend started and have sold 10-12 Computers already and fixed about 2 Dells, 3 Compaqs and 1 Emachine! Alienware prices are outrages and as for their's just a modified Antec! :mad:
I get so tired of people who build computers on little websites claiming to be better than the market leaders.

Get real. When you are making as much as Alienware, then you can claim to be the best.
Excuse me but we are getting products straight from Soyo, AMD, nVidia and everything! Plus...we've seen so many fried Dells it ain't even funny and Dell says that they cant and wont do anything about it! Little website? In your dreams, we are now going on Radio and have a whole room full of motherboards! Making as much as Alienware...Hm...Alienware is only making money because the people buying them are idiots and spend 3,000 dollars for something thats worth 1,500!

And for the GeforceFX, after searching around many give it a rating of a 2/5! I love Geforce cards, but I wouldn't go with the FX! :(
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