Best gaming computer for me?


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Im in Boston atm, summer. Ive been visiting a particular sony store almost every day and i have fallen in love with the VAIO All in One tuch screen. Amazing offer are going to be given on july 4. I love to play games on pc console. I want to enjoy the latest game at the highest resolution possible. my budget is below 1300$. a New VAIO touch screen have come out today or yesterday, with a much better processor but its price is doubled, 2000$ and thats a big problem.

This is the spec of the current VAIO Touch screen im really considering:
-intel core 2 duo e7500 processor(2.93ghz)
-genuine windows 7 home premium 64bit
-24.0 widescreen(1920x1080) touch display
-blu-ray disc optical drive and a 500GB HDD
-4GB ram and integrated NATSC/ATSC TV Tunners
Tackle virtually any graphics requirement with a NVIDIA® GeForce® G210M GPU and 512MB of dedicated video RAM.
13000$ and probly will go down few 100s on july 4

The link abovee shows the compute i want This is the computer of my dreams and i wish to know, will it make me happy? will i be able to play games and enjoy its increadible resolution? i looked up the graphic card info and its one of the toppest, i do not see anything bad with this system and why it would run crysis 2, FEAR,global agenda, etc...

IF YOU really think this is not good for me, please i beg you, feel free to recommend me any computer/all in one pc below 1350$

3D is just sick, and i cant imagine playing games on 3D. IT would be a whole new expirience for me. Anyone recommend me to buy one of those? will it make me happy considering my standards and what im looking for ? Any recommendation?

Please dont recommend me to built my own computer, thats an option i cant take. I would love to create my godly pc but not this year or the next.
I REALLY APPRICIATE everyones help.

Sorry for my english Also please take in consideration im not very experience with these things and thats why im asking for help.