Best FTP Client

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'someone' as disagreed that this program can be very dangerous, so I removed my big warrning about this particular program, but just try to play it nice and be careful not doing foolish things, ok?

anyways, take:
FlashFXP is a useful FTP/FXP program with an explorer-like interface. FlashFXP provides a nice interface for common tasks, and an optional tree view for easy directory navigation. Features include the ability to queue multiple files for uploading and downloading, crash recovery (no more lost transfer queues due to power outages or system crashes), server to server transfers (FXP), FTP proxy, HTTP Proxy, and SOCKS 4/5 support, remote file viewing & editing, search for
files, and much much more!

cheers (b) m8!
I also have been using ws_ftp for quite some time and can't think of a better FTP program.
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