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Best Fast Food For Weight Loss | Health In Life

Best Fast Food For Weight Loss
Oct 12
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We live in a fast paced world where food is often consumed while driving down the highway over the speed limit and watching for police vehicles. Fast food restaurants have figured this out and are stepping up to the challenge of providing healthier food to all of the patrons that go whizzing by their drive up service windows.

Panera Bread came in first place for their comprehensive menu offering multiple healthy choices for every meal. Panera Bread also received top honors for their kids menu.

Jason's Deli, located in the Midwest, came in second. This particular deli has a penchant for organic foods and with this in mind, approximately one fifth of all of its ingredients are organic.

Third place belongs to Au Bon Pain, which has been a pioneer in the idea of healthy fast foods. They serve sandwiches, soups, salads and even hot entrees made with whole grains, veggies and even hormone free chicken.

Noodles and Company doesn't sound like a name you would expect to make it in a top ten healthy fast food list however this Asian food court eatery makes healthy its business, cutting out all the grease and using soybean oil in their cooking. Which puts them in fourth place.

Corner Bakery Café is a Midwest, Mid-Atlantic, and Southern based café that has a breakfast menu full of healthy choices. It also has healthy salads, sandwiches and soups. They use whole grains, lean meats and vegetables. They also practice portion control. They land solidly in fifth place.

Chipotle takes sixth place followed by Atlantic Bread and McDonald's takes a surprising 8th place. Einstein Bagels takes ninth place followed by Taco Del Mar. That rounds out the top ten. As with any menu, you will find more and less healthy items in every location.

i'll have to try panera bread sometime.

I'm pretty sure I've been to a Chipotle in Colorado. Interesting place. Build your own monster burrito.
Panera Bread is kick ***. My uncle used to run the bakery down here, and got to bring home a lot of the extras they made. It's very surprising to see McDonald's taking 8th place.
I see they left Subway off the list. while I think Jared is a joke, Subway does allow for a very healthy meal. Sure you can be stupid there, too, but their selections do let you make a very healthy sandwich. With the addition of their breakfast this week they are definitely moving int he right direction.

The problem I have with Panera is that you can't customize every choice. Our local Panera won't let you change of remove toppings on most of their sandwiches. Also, most of their breakfast selections are all carbs. Putting Panera as the top dog puts this article is serious doubt regarding impartiality and truthfulness.

Looking at the site I have the suspicion that "all natural" and "organic" were the determining factors.
I, too, am surprised Subway didn't make the list. I think Applebees is trying to help people make smarter decisions about what they're eating as well. Recently, I ate a grilled dijon chicken plate that was labeled 550 calories. The dijon really really set it off for this dish.

I guess calories, fat, carbs should all be taken in consideration when choosing.
With Weight Watchers it is calories, fat, and fiber, but yeah... we should all be paying attention to what we eat.
subways not listed because of the number of times people go stupid down there. I remember one person that was working down there getting an earful from this tank of a woman. She was the low cal subs, but she was adding all these extras.

Then there was one of my house mates that tried going vegiterian to loose weight. However his idea of going vego was Pasta Salad for dinner which was cover with cheeze and oozing with mayonase. It was rather funny about a week later when he was complaining that he put on more.
i dislike subway..horribly expensive and the sandwiches are nothing like what they show on tv lol :|

but yea, I don't really put much thought into eating healthy. I just make sure I don't eat like a moron lol
i've never heard of any of those places besides noodles, micky d's, and chipotle.

chipotle is pretty much an orgasm in the mouth though.
Chipotle (and Qdoba's which is like the same thing) is the greatest thing ever.

Panera Bread is pretty good but is a bit pricey.

McDonalds is good just because they have smoothies now and its the only large fast food chain by me that does. I'll also get some of their other stuff occasionally but I often go through the drive thru just for a smoothie.

Haven't been to any of the other places.
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