Best Drivers For The Nividia Fx5200 And Overclocking


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Well My Computer Was Running Fine Untill I Updated The Nividia Drivers To Version 81.98 Now At Windows Startup The Xp Start Up Sound Is All Cracked Up And The Mouse Pointer Freezes I Am Trying To Get The Most Out Of This Card I Know Its An Old Card But I Am Not Wanting To Spend Money For Another Card Please Post Links To Overclocking Software And Modified Or The Best Nividia Drivers For It I Already Removed The Stock Fan And Glued A Pentium 3 Fan On It So It Is Running The Power From The Psu Not The Video Card Now The Fan Dosent Wine


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wait now, you took off the GPU fan and put on a pent III fan? does it work better or what? but to answer your question, just download the latest driver and download coolbits. its a registry key to "unlock" the OC feature.