Best Bulkmaill software ?

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Has anyone got idea, which is the best bulkmail software ? I am not asking to use it as a spam. I have to send a mail in a bulk for my organisation staffs and members. It is like 4000 peoples. I am just googling but no idea, which is good.
Ive been told that outlook express does that (not Microsoft office outlook) but I never tried it. Not sure

Im looking for one too... I have to transfer a large number of emalil from one account to another and forwarding does not work and takes a lot of time
Ive tried outlook 2003 and it does not work there.

Does anyone know if it works in outlook express?
does it work in mozilla?
in your email program, make a contact called everyone. add all of your contacts to it

when you go to email hit e. it should show up
With that many users it should be in an active directory env. If so simply create a new distribution group that will show up in the GAL. I dont really understand the question to good. You have 4000 people you need to send mail to in your org and you have them all in an address book already right? If you dont have the capability to do what I mentioned then follow EricB's advice and do it locally.
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