Besides games, what are some cpu intensive applications?

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I gotta give an informative speech, and I picked pc building. I have a page on deciding what kind of comp you are going to need, but I need some stuff to list as examples that are cpu intensive. All I know are some games, especially rts. File converting maybe?
File Converting, File Compression like Raring up a file, Folding with your CPU, Photoshop, CAD

That is just a small list. You woul be better off checking Wikipedia.
lol, I'm using norton b/c 90 days came with my mobo. I'm going to have to stop being lazy before that time is up and get AVG though. Thanks for the help guys :)

How is photoshop cpu intensive though? Is it cpu and gpu intensive? The same with CAD? Or am I completely wrong?
Photoshop is CPU intensive cause of the photo manipulation is all done by the CPU. Yeah for basic use it isnt much. But when you start adding effects and everything else that is all done by the CPU not the GPU.
Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't CS4 more GPU intense rather than CPU intense now?
Maybe. But from what i know adding most of the effects will still take some sort of toll on your CPU. Even if they have gone over to GPU it still have some effect on the CPU.
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