Belkin Windows 7 Drivers - Please Help!


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Hi Guys, I recently installed Windows 7 ultimate on two different machines. One is a desktop with a Belkin Wireless N Adapter, F5D8001 v1000, with a Windows 7 Ultimate 64 Bit Edition

The other is a Sony VGN FJ170B (older laptop from 2005 or so). The Laptop previously had a bootleg version of windows 7 (very possibly a copy of Vista pawned of as 7) and now has a clean copy of Windows 7 Ultimate 32 Bit.

Here's the issues:

On the Desktop I downloaded the latest Belkin Driver. Still does not work. Belkin's support site says that they are still working on updating drivers to be compatible with 7. Windows 7 has been out for over a year now and they are still working on it!?! Is there any work around here or am I forced to go back to XP or buy a new wireless card?

On the laptop, has built in wireless card. With my old bootleg copy of 7 it installed the driver automatically and it worked. WIth my clean copy of 7 now, no luck! I tried downloading the driver from Sony's website, still does not work. I happened to have a Belkin Wireless N PCMCIA Notebook adapter F5D8013 laying around.... same issue as desktop. The interesting part is the indicator lights on the card light up after the driver is installed but I still cannot connect.

Any suggestions here!? I need internet on these two computers.

Thanks in advance.

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Why is it not working?

Is the driver not installing?

Is the driver installing without error but wifi will not start?

are you getting any error messages?