Been around awhile, but here's my intro...


N. Calif.
I'm an old, retired guy that worked in the tech industry for nearly 50 years. After I got out of the army where I repaired telecommunications equipment, I went to work as a technician in the Silicon Valley, California. After 10 years of doing that (along the way I earned an AA degree in Electronics and a BS in Management), I made a switch to programmer then software engineer. I retired in 2019 from a job as a Robotic Process Automation Consultant.

I didn't get my first computer until I was 31, an IBM PC. In 1985, I built my first computer which was a clone of an IBM PC/XT. Over the years I have built and repaired many computers for friends and relatives. My standard fee for my services has always been a six-pack of diet Coke.

Forums like this didn't exist when I first got into computers so I learned most everything I know thru trial and error. I joined this forum in 2011 for the express purpose of finding like-minded people.
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