battlefield 2142 woooooooooooooooooo

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anyone excited about battlefield 2142 it looks sick if u ask me so much in it mobile spawn points its like 10x content battlefield 2 had in it and dsoe anyone know if the min specs will be higher maybe even some where close to fear causs that will be rubbish if it is won't get as many people playing it


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for your sake, i hope they dont raise the minimum specs. & yes that games looks very badass. quake wars and bf2142 will be awsome. dont forget about huxley. may have an online fee though. so i wont get that.


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BF2 rocked but i think ET:QW will be the new king, atleast in my case as i dont like the pointless flag capture and points cuntdown gamemode and love objective based MP.


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I"m not buying 2142. I'm not buying any BF series game ever again.
After the crap that EA/DICE has pulled with the latest patch 1.3 nightmare, I've got a bad taste in my mouth.

This absolute slap in the face, "Community Update" from Dice... After Almost a month of avid BF2 players outrage o the Eagames forums, about all of the issues that this patch has brought, most of them rendering the game unplayable at times, they finally put up a message like this.

They first talk about buying their new booster pack, then address that "SOME" people are having issues... This is total BS... It's not "SOME" it's virtually everyone and ever server admin...

Very bad business moves they have made.


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pfff of course im going to buy it. Just because havoc played a dirty little trick this is what he gets for that :classic: :p

Anyways I haven't experienced too many problems with 1.3 besides one server of AF, everytime i hit join game it would crash to the desktop. But that was just that one server i tried joining twice :eek:

This looks good, but once again the game will be buggy. Ways to make the game horrible but then again i still will buy it cause there arent a lot of good games that i like


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The BF series is buggy and laggy as **** online. It's not even funny, unless you're going to buy the game just for LAN purposes, I don't see why you are wasting another 50 bucks for such a crap game.

The game doesn't make sense anyway, in the year 2142 we will still be using assault rifles? What the ****? The infantry looks almost EXACTLY the same as those in BF2.

The only thing they added are those mechs. I'm sure they copied those from Star wars...It looks damned similiar.


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I hope they change the damage infantry do, in bf1942 and bf2 you have to empty a full clip into someone, if only it was call of duty style damage i think it would be a big improvement, although it might be trying to recreate the effects of body armour. Saying that, the vehicle damage is spot on.

I got 1942 just because im into the WW2 genre as a whole and i still had dial up then so i just stuck to single player which got a bit boring after a while. I purchased bf2 to test out on my new pc and it hasnt dissapointed in that department but compared to other fps games i think certain aspects of its gameplay need to be sorted out, not to mention the poor server browser.


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in bf1942 and bf2 you have to empty a full clip into someone,

Maybe in 1942 but in BF2 it only take a few direct hits. Your aim is probably really bad.

The BF series is buggy and laggy as **** online.

It has always ran nice and smooth for me online, except when I was still using my old 82kbps, but now I have 3000kbps.

I loved BF2, I didnt like all the older BF series, and I cant wait to try BF2142... however Im a pilot in BF2 (I suck big time as ground inf) .... so I really hope they incorperate flight in this game too.


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im the complete opposite of that, i hope they get rid of planes as much as possible. they are almost impossible to shoot down from the ground and generally slaughter u.

yes there is always the air to air plane and a ground plane, so the AtA one should shoot down the AtG one, but it never happens.

get rid of them, esp in wake island where it is almost impossible to land on some servers.

helicopters are allright tho.
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