Battlefield 2 Tweak Guide


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When Battlefield 1942 came out, I remember I was captivated by the way there were so many things you could do. It was the first online game I'd ever played where you could walk, drive, fly, or swim across a giant map, working with other teammates or playing as a lone wolf - all the while being in the middle of a giant battlefield. The one thing I do recall thinking was "I wish this was set in modern times, not just WWII". The boys from Desert Combat heard these pleas and released a mod for BF1942 which did exactly that - and there was much rejoicing!

Fast forward to 2005 and EA Games/DICE have finally released the official take on a modernized BF1942 - Battlefield 2 is set in the 21st century where Chinese, American and Middle Eastern forces battle each other on large and varied maps. The gameplay hasn't differed substantially from BF1942, the same sense of a battle on a vast scale exists, and the fans are already out in force making sure most servers are populated with up to 64 players duking it out in epic combat.
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Oh, they made a BF2 one. The BF1942 one the made was nice. It helps quite a bit.