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Everyday I copy several gigabytes of information off of a corporate server. The files are saved in directories that are named by date. I am trying to write a batch program that could automate this process.

Here is an example of the file system:

Drive:/Company1/Study1/061405/(DATA FILES)
Drive:/Company1/Study1/061505/(DATA FILES)

Drive:/Company4/Study5/061505/(DATA FILES)

There are multiple companies and multiple studdies associated with each company. Each study, however, includes data files from the same day. I need to be able to copy all of the folders named '061505', or any other date for that matter, to the local disc in a maintained file-structure:

LOCALDrive:/Company1/Study1/061505/(DATA FILES).

I am not sure if this makes sense. Basically, I need to have a copy of the server on the computer with only the data from one day (from every company and study) in a maintained filesystem (all of the other dates would not be included). Does anybody have any idea how to implement this?
with batch files, you can pass in parameters with the %X variable; where X is a number. Let's say you execute this command

batch.bat one two three four

inside the batch file would look like this

echo %1
echo %2
echo %3
echo %4

you output would be


you can pass in 061505 as your date for the batch file and use %1 wherever you need it.
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