Batch Files


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Hi -
I have 23 .cmd files that I created. Their purpose is to connect to an ftp address with the IP specified in the CMD file. It pulls the user name and password and the file that it has to upload from a .txt file.

It is used to simply things for the users for an on air small radio broadcast.

So, for example, if there is an accident, the user double clicks on the accident.cmd file it connects to 3 ftp sites, one after another and uploads the .mp3 file and all is good. When all is back to normal they double click on the general traffic conditions CMD file and everything is back to normal.

What sometimes happen is the IP address changes for the FTP site(s) and the cmd files need to have their IP address changed. How might I go about running a batch file that prompts me for the new IP address of each site and have it update the files accordingly?

Much appreciated.