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Working as a Broadband Specialist for a large ISP, I have become aware of how many people are actually having problems setting up a basic network of 2-4 computers for the purpose of sharing and Internet Connection. This will be a "Networking for the Mentally-Challenged" type guide, for lack of a better, politically correct name.

What you Need:
2-4 Computers
Cable or DSL Internet Service
A Broadband Router
Between 3 and 6 lengths of Cat 5 Ethernet "Patch" Cable

Ok, lets say you have Cable Intenet first, as that is the easier of the two. PPPoE is not used, simplifying this by quite a bit.
1) connect the Cable modem your ISP gave you to the "Uplink" port on your router.
2)connect your computers to each of the appropriate ports on your router starting with port 1 and going down.
3)Set the TCP/IP setting in windows to "Optain IP Address automatically" or "DHCP" on each machine. in 9x this is found under the Network Control Panel and TCP/IP Properties for the NIC. In 2k/XP you would go through Control Panel, to Network Connections and right click on Local Area Connection and chose properties, the TCP/IP setting should be there.
4)Powercycled the modem, and the router, and reboot all computers on the network.

Now for Our intents and purposes we are done. A number of other factors can be involved, but all I am focusing on is Internet Access. Which we should have at this point.

If you are using DSL chances are there will be a step in between #2 & 3, called PPPoE. Also very simple. Once everything is connected properly, go to internet explorer and type in the routers default ip address, or default gateway. Generally

This should bring up the routers interface, or GUI. Here you can specify that you are using PPPoE and enter your Username and Password provided by your ISP. Once this is done, save the configuration and reboot your router. Continue through the rest of the above steps and you should be on.
Thanks ECNIV,

I've done it before, once, but not for awhile. This will help refresh, as I may need to do it again, soon.

Unhappy Home Networking

I've read through many threads about home networking - however they all seem to focus on internet connection - my problem is tha I cannot get my desktop and laptop to see each other much less share folders.

I followed the wizard in XP (both are XP) and no dice! Help!

I have been trying to setup my network for the last 2 weeks now, I have been trying with a cross connection between 2 PC both running XP proffesional and could only get the internet running no file or printer sharing, now I have managed to trun it around I have got file and pritner sharing on both PC's I am using braodband with manully configured IP address any ideas would be gratefull
that guy right ther ^^, did u read the PPPoE thing?.. well add to that, changing the actual modem settings to route ip "off", and bridge "yes" then it should work.. but I'm skipping a lot of other things in the modem.. thats just the basic.. call your isp ask how to set the modem as a bridge. telnet into your modem, change what they tell you, set router to PPPoE and you should be done.
EDIT: WOW, I just totally misunderstood this whole thing.. sheesh.. I'm dumb.. lol, this wont help you.. but I'm leaving it here for reference... or something like that.
I am trying to hook a new dell running xp with an old dell running ME with a crossover cable. I am on a cable modem then straight into the ethernet hookup that came with the dell. New ethernet cards for crossover from dell to hp. I am told this should allow me access to hp. I only have one monitor and assumed I could make this work. Right now I am feeling really stupid. I don't expect to see the hp desktop but I would like to be able to see some type of directory. Honestly I don't know for what or where I am supposed to be looking. I have internet access on dell and don't know if I do or not on hp (not sure it is needed on hp).
All documentation I have read on networking assumes internet access is the subject and a computer, monitor, router or hub.
I think there are two different issues here. One is access to the hp(hard drive, printer, scanner etc) and the other is internet access. Please Help! I don't ever feel like an IT guy but I can't stand feeling this stupid.
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