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Hey all! I need some help making banners for the Folding@Home team. We need members, these things do take time, but it does help to advertise!

Here is my first one: *I am not very artistic*


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That is pretty good. I would like to join the team but I am not really sure how, or what Folding@Home is. Please provide me with some information about what it is, and what I need to do to join. Thanks.
Bah, quit them and join us! Help the underdog! ;)
VERY NICE! Hey chopper, this one looks like a good one to put in the banner rotation, not sure if you need to resize it to the right dimentions or now, but it looks great! Thanks Guy!

BTW, have you joined yet? ;)
Really? Your name isnt showing up in the stats? You might wanna check your config and make sure you have the right username/team # assigned.
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