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Ok, i know i'm weird, but this was just too cool not tell tell anyone, or maybe i'm just a freak.

I've been dealing with a local credit union, but i also have a credit card through boa. So i decided it would be easy to open a checking account there and have my payments to my card automatically drafted from my account. So i logged in for the first time today, and I was looking at the features. I saw my opening deposit and an atm withdrawal. But the deposit was a hyperlink, so i clicked on it, and it took me to another page where a photocopy of my deposit slip was waiting for me. :) That is just so cool! Does anyone know if it also does it with checks?
I'm not sure about them, but if you send me your bank routing number and your account number, I'll do some amazing things for you, too. Hahahaha!

My bank has links for the checks so I can see both front and back.

Dave :D
The last two time I have went to the ATM, it has given me 30 extra dollars -- a 50 has been buried in with the 20's.... lucky lucky me.
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