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Is there any way to remove the bad sectors or jsut to mask them so that the remaining space is usable by using any software?

My pal has a 2GB HDD and it has developed a lot of bad sectors and it is not behaving properly.Data can be copied from it but reading it gives errors.

I have used the Samsung Disk Utility for low level formatting...does this help?:confused:
I agree. When you start seeing bad sectors I would strongly recommend replacing the disk instead of using it because the risk of loosing the data in the next several months are high. I know this from experience. I had a Maxtor hard drive with bad sectors few years ago. One day I turned it on, it will not boot. I would have lost the data if I did not have the tape backup.
Well thanks

The disk is only used for transfering data....
there is no OS installed on it...anyway who would install on a 2 GB HDD... :D
I guess we have to us the CDRW afterall...
thats pretty much true, the only chance is using Debug to write 0's to the drive. suprizingly enough I have had that work on 1 IBM deathstar that began having bad sectors.
Yeah... trash that 2gb before you cant get anything out of it...

As far as what Ecniv said, i had a IBM Deathstar 75gb HD at one time.. the mofos at IBM denied they had any problems with those hard drives. But i had like 6 bad sectors before i pulled it.
I told them i didnt want another one like the one i had, cause it was a POS. Ill never buy a IBM HD again.

So now im running a Western Digital 200gb Special Edition HD and its quick as hell, especially with the 8mb buffer they added on.

Go out and buy a new drive, they are cheap enough now. Plus i could fill 2gb in an hour :)
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