bad monitor port?? I need help!!

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I have this monitor and its works on one of my cpus but i just recently picked up a used one and my good monitor will plug in but nothingwill come up on the screen. i dont know what is wrong. I haven't been to a repair shop. and i just need help. :confused: :confused:
Need more info, does the computer get power?

Any Beeps?
Ok, this means it may be the video card, try re-seating it, and reseting the CMOS using the CMOS jumper on the motherboard.
to reseat it you just pull the video card out and then put it back in, the look on the motherboard and see if you can find a little plastic thing that says CMOS, move it over 1 pin, for about a min, then put it back, and see if it boots.
ok i can do the second part but i dont have a video card it just plugs right into the mother board
ouch, on board video. That sucks, unfortunatley, if clearing the CMOS does not work, and the monitor works on another computer, than that onboard video card is toast.
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